Sharing not for personal attention, but in the spirit of service, is my mission. While my beginnings were in stand-up comedy, public speaking is the sum of everything I have seen, the places I have been, and the conscience of the people I have met along the way.

Stand-up comedy was a passion, public speaking is a calling.Perspective, optimism and joy are the targets in our collective aim. It is what I aspire to lead others in.

Ingenuity along with a strong work ethic were common place in my family and the residents of my hometown Donna, a small border town in Texas.

Join me on the journey.

The product of two amazing parents, both educators, encouraged me and my siblings to always be active in school. Scholastics, along with extracurricular activities, were always encouraged for everyone in the house.

School and community spirit were values learned from an early age. While I was good enough to be a starter in football, I was not the standout player.

My passion turned to the theater and acting. When my former drama teacher suggested I consider a career in stand-up comedy, I moved to Austin and began my career as a comedian.

For 20 years I performed all over Texas and others parts of America. Starting in 2014, performances in London, Australia and Mexico City helped me create an international entertainment brand.

At the pinnacle of my world traveling, the COVID pandemic upset the balances of life. With a desire to be closer to family and facing an uncertain future, I returned home. Here the life cycle started again, but this time with a foundation of experiences and stories to share.

My contribution to life would be different this time around. It is not the desire for personal attention, but to enrich and lead others in reaching their potential.

Leading others is a calling, not a job.


Jacob James Garcia • jjgspeaks@gmail.com • 512.689.9487